FutureLadder looks at the Co-scholastic domain i.e. it is not based on school curriculum but looks at imparting skills such as Experiential learning, critical reasoning and creative thinking so that the student is adept at better decision making. It is suitable for eleven to 16 year olds but our own understanding is not to burden students preparing for boards in eleventh and twelfth.  The software has in all 500 questions in the data bank for five modules without repetition in order to attempt for a maximum of five times.


The reason why we believe that FutureLadder would be successful for the students in the long run is because Auditory Processing, Visual Perception, Spatial Ability, Cognitive Reasoning & Creative skills are formulated as modules & not tests so that students do not experience exam phobia and are in a better position to appreciate the questions. The interface provided is similar to a gaming environment which the present generation is accustomed to & would enjoy the experience. It also tells about the inclination of students towards their future career paths. For example, a student doing well in a creative module would look at a career in fine arts, creative writing or for that matter a student displaying spatial ability would be good at S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and 

Visual, Auditory and Spatial have twenty five questions while cognitive has 20 questions and Creative has five questions and each module would consist of half an hour duration. Candidates are presented with a unique set of randomly streamed questions. This is achieved through of Linear-on-the-Fly (LOFT) item streaming. The questions become more difficult as the test progresses. We also request parents to be present when their pupils attempt FutureLadder to better understand the intricacies involved.

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